Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Market Day in La Cruz

Every Sunday local growers, artisans, musicians and vendors of all sorts of foods and clothing gather on the malecon in front of the La Cruz fish market to sell their wares. It's a festive and colorful occasion that really brings out the eclectic culture of this pretty little town. In the years since I was last here, the town has grown and prospered. When it started, the open air market was a small affair, but now it's a pretty big deal, and people come from miles around to sample and buy fruits and vegetables, breads and exotic sauces, clothing and art. It's a lot of fun to wander among them and enjoy it all.

The bread girl sells delicious baguettes.
Fresh foods abound
Basketry made of pine needles
Dolls are a big deal in Mexico
This dancer looks pensive before the start of her routine....
Her partner looked more confident.

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